MBAE Urges State to Take Action on Computer Science

MBAE Urges State to Take Action on Computer Science

Technology jobs are no longer relegated to the high tech industry.  Jobs requiring computer science skills can be found across many industries including retail, healthcare and finance. 

Studies by Burning Glass Technologies on the digital skills employers demand for workers have found that in the middle-skill job market a job seeker without the ability to use everyday software such as spreadsheets and word processing, programs for medical billing and running computerized drill presses, might not even get in the door.  They conclude that “digital skills provide a career pathway into middle-and high-skill jobs.

In Massachusetts, computing jobs are projected to grow 22% by 2024 and, currently almost 1 in 4 jobs (23%) in this state involve computer science skills.  MBAE and our 24 business Affiliates are concerned that every child in every school acquire conceptual understanding of computing and have equal opportunities to pursue advanced computer science study if they choose. 

In testimony to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education on December 19, 2017, MBAE urged the Board to work with the Board of Higher Education to:

·       Create a computer science K-16 state plan that puts digital equity at the top of the state’s agenda 

·       Allow computer science to fulfill student’s high school graduation requirements.

·       Require high schools to offer at least one computer science course.

·       Train teachers in computational thinking

You can read the full MBAE testimony here.

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