MBAE Position on Legislation That Would Establish Innovation Partnership Zones

MBAE Position on Legislation That Would Establish Innovation Partnership Zones

September 5, 2017 – The Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education (MBAE) supports giving school leaders, particularly in low-income and struggling districts, the authority and flexibility they need to innovate and decide how to meet the needs and aspirations of their students on a daily basis.   Evidence shows that schools that have the freedom to make staffing, curriculum and budgeting decisions are best positioned to improve learning.

Too many school leaders and educators cannot achieve success for their students because their hands are tied by district, state, and contractual requirements that make it impossible to act on their best ideas and intentions.  As a result, far too many students are denied the education they need.

Current proposals to extend flexibility and authority through the creation of Innovation Zones do not go far enough – they severely limit the number of schools that can take advantage of these flexibilities and impose a cumbersome bureaucratic process that can be too easily politicized.   The bottom line is current proposals will not meet the needs of thousands of students languishing in subpar schools or advance gains in our stronger schools.

MBAE supports the extension of staffing, curriculum and budgeting authority to All of the 265 underperforming (Level 3) schools that are currently denied these critical tools.

About the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education

The Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education was founded in 1988 by employers concerned about the educational attainment and skills of graduates entering the workforce.  Driven by the business community’s commitment that all students graduate high school prepared for success in college, career and citizenship, our core work is influencing state education policy to improve the quality of all public schools in Massachusetts.


Read/download the press statement here

Read/download here testimony given by MBAE Board member, Henry Dinger, at the Education Committee Hearing on September 5, 21017

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