Biz groups unite to oppose rollback of ed reforms

Biz groups unite to oppose rollback of ed reforms

MBAE and its 22 Business Affiliates, along with Associated Industries of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation and the Massachusetts Business Roundtable issued a statement today opposing bills that would place a three-year moratorium on statewide standardized testing and gut the state’s education accountability system.

At an Education Committee Hearing on S. 308 and H. 2844, members of MBAE’s Board of Directors testified that these and other bills containing similar provisions would contribute to the growth, not the elimination, of racial and socio-economic achievement gaps and would make it impossible to ensure that every student has access to equitable education opportunities.

The education reforms these bills seek to undo are the very measures that made Massachusetts number one in the nation in student achievement.  Employers urge lawmakers to reject these bills.

Read/download the statement here

Read/download here testimony given by MBAE Board members, Henry Dinger, Joseph E. Esposito, and David Mancuso at the Education Committee Hearing on September 12, 21017

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