An initiative to build a strong talent pipeline that fuels growth and opportunity in our companies and economy by ensuring every student is prepared for college, career, and citizenship.

Industry-recognized credentials are used by employers to certify that an applicant is qualified for a job.  Students who earn industry certifications have an advantage finding high-demand jobs with good wages.  Often, these certifications are "stackable," which means multiple credentials can be accumulated over time to build up an individual's qualifications to pursue a career pathway or another postsecondary credential.

Expanding opportunities for high school students to earn credentials linked to labor market demand in fields and jobs that pay higher living wages:

  • puts students on pathways to success;
  • fuels a diverse, highly-skilled workforce pipeline; and,
  • strengthens the economy and businesses.

States can encourage school districts to offer industry certification courses to students by creating a financial incentive.  Seven states currently provide funding for each student who earns an industry certification and several other states are moving in this direction.

MBAE is proposing a similar model for Massachusetts.  Join us in advocating for:

  • An annual list, available to all school districts and the public, of  high-need occupations that require an industry-recognized credential, offer good wages and provide a pathway for advancement
  • A financial incentive awarded to schools for every student who earns an industry certification for an occupation that has high employment value or is recognized by a higher education institution
  • Alignment of industry-recognized credentials with the state’s high-priority industry sectors
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