Future Ready Massachusetts

Future ReadyFuture Ready Massachusetts is an MBAE-led initiative that provides parents, grandparents, mentors, community leaders, guidance counselors, educators and other adults with actionable information and tools to guide students to high school completion and preparation for college and the workplace.

The website, FutureReadyMA.org, features a searchable database of programs and initiatives that help students get and stay on track. For each grade level, the website provides steps students can take to Start Now, Aim High, and Look Beyond.  It also highlights and directs adults to the YourPlanfortheFuture.org web portal, a free resource that enables schools and individual students to create a roadmap for their future.

The Future Ready Mentor Toolkit, a digital handbook distributed to more than 11,000 influential adults and students through Future Ready partners, includes a recommended course of study, middle and high school checklists, financial literacy activities and information regarding career exploration, college planning and financial aid.

To ensure every student has access to programs and training that prepares them for jobs in high demand fields, Future Ready also works to promote digital equity and computer literacy, and expansion of vocational technical education.

Future Ready Massachusetts is a collaborative project of MBAE, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (DHE) and the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority in partnership with many other organizations across the Commonwealth.  The leading organizations are committed to establishing strong communications channels among all stakeholders involved in college and career readiness work.

Visit the Future Ready Massachusetts website at FutureReadyMA.org!

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