What We Do

For more than 25 years, MBAE has worked to improve the Commonwealth’s public schools on behalf of employers who depend on them to graduate skilled workers and informed citizens. MBAE’s unique focus is systemic change that is sustainable and benefits all students. The organization’s core work – influencing state education policy to improve the quality of public schools – is driven by employers’ goal to educate every child for future success.

Through actionable research and reports, at meetings and forums, and on committees and commissions charged with advising state policymakers, MBAE has effectively advanced policies that strengthen our state’s public schools and improve opportunities and outcomes for students.

MBAE also has a more direct impact on students readiness for college and career through Future Ready Massachusetts.  This initiative provides mentors and other adults with actionable information and tools to help prepare students for the real world.  Our Future Ready Mentor Toolkit includes a recommended course of study, middle and high school checklists, financial literacy activities and information regarding career exploration, college planning, and financial aid.


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