Vocational Technical Education Key to Being Future Ready

Vocational Technical Education Key to Being Future Ready

When MBAE convened focus groups of employers ten years ago, we heard a clear preference for hiring vocational school graduates – in many cases over job candidates with a college degree. Our Preparing for the Future report details the skills employers are still seeking and our subsequent report, Educating a 21st Century Workforce: A Call for Action on High School Reform, gives further reasons why we are a proud member of the Alliance for Vocational Technical Education (AVTE).

This morning, AVTE released its report, The Critical Importance of Vocational Education in the Commonwealth, and Governor Baker gave further details about what we can expect to see in his budget proposal to expand access to career/vocational technical education (CVTE) throughout the Commonwealth.

In her Future Ready Massachusetts blog post, Jackney Prioly Joseph explains more about AVTE and why MBAE is supporting its efforts to strengthen the state’s CVTE system and bring it into better alignment with today’s opportunities and challenges.

Read the Press Release about the Governor’s proposal for $83.5 million for career vocational technical education

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