“Test data should be used in teacher evaluations”

“Test data should be used in teacher evaluations”

Editorials from The Boston Globe and Boston Herald support using student achievement data in teacher evaluations. The editorials come in the wake of a Massachusetts Senate budget amendment that would “eliminate a state regulation instructing school districts to use student performance data, such as improvement in MCAS test scores, when evaluating teachers.”

MBAE has been a vocal proponent of including student achievement as a significant factor in evaluating teachers and administrators. We have consistently argued that two of the greatest challenges we face in providing the kind of education we want and need to provide to every child in the Commonwealth are how to ensure that a highly effective teacher leads every classroom and competent administrators lead every school. These challenges can only be met with a system of evaluating educators that focuses on the goal to be achieved.

Read the full Globe editorial here

Read the full Herald editorial here

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