MBAE Supports Adoption of Common Core State Standards

This morning, MBAE’s Board of Directors voted to support adoption of the Common Core State Standards in Massachusetts and recommend that the Commonwealth supplement these with its own standards where exceeding the Common Core will serve our students best.

MBAE has a long history of advocacy for high standards and we approached this issue as we always have – maintaining high standards to ensure a high quality education system that is best for kids and for sustaining a vibrant Massachusetts economy.  The Common Core State Standards were developed by a 48 state consortium, in which Massachusetts played a key role that is reflected in the final results.  We concluded that the Common Core standards are at the least equal to those set in Massachusetts and meets the business community’s objective of enhancing the college and career readiness of our students.

Until now, much of the debate in Massachusetts has been based on opinions and conjecture.   To provide an independent research-based evaluation of how the Common Core compares to the standards Massachusetts would have been considering – the draft revised curriculum frameworks – MBAE commissioned an analysis by WestEd to determine the alignment between the two sets.  We’re pleased to share this with you and believe this will help inform and elevate the discourse in Massachusetts about this very important topic.

Please visit our Resources Page to view the full WestEd report, video from a recent MBAE Forum on the Common Core, and other informative materials.

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