MBAE Response to Report on MCAS and PARCC

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(Boston) October 15, 2015 – The Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education (MBAE) appreciates the thorough attention Secretary Peyser and the Executive Office of Education (EOE) are paying to the need to set high standards at every grade level and provide an accurate measure of whether students are on track to meet those expectations.

Two reports released by the EOE this week confirm our position that Massachusetts should fully adopt the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) to replace the MCAS test.

It is clear from both reports that the benefits of PARCC as a measure of true student readiness, combined with its superiority in informing instruction throughout the school years, lead us to conclude that PARCC is the right choice for Massachusetts students.

Two additional issues stand out to us in the analysis released today:

Governance: We believe that Massachusetts’s leadership and disproportionate influence in the development of the PARCC test, including input from hundreds of education testing experts, principals, superintendents and teachers, answers any concerns about whether we can control the PARCC assessment process in the future.

Cost: As a business association, we believe any attempt to revise MCAS will be a costly “band aid” approach to solving a set of significant deficiencies with that test. Other states have spent tens of millions of dollars trying to replicate PARCC. We have an opportunity that may not come around for another generation to adopt a more useful and accurate educational assessment in PARCC.

MBAE believes that our schools are a fundamental component of a vibrant, broad-based and innovative economy. The economic vitality of our state and our continued leadership in innovation and entrepreneurship demands that we hold our children to high academic standards and assess their progress with the best possible tools, such as PARCC. If we set the bar high, kids will meet it.


Download and print a PDF of the report, A Comparison of the MCAS and PARCC Assessment Systems, here.

Download and print a PDF of the Mathematica Policy Research Report here.

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