Fordham Institute Compares PARCC and MCAS Tests – MBAE Statement

Fordham Institute Compares PARCC and MCAS Tests – MBAE Statement

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Statement in Response to Fordham Institute Report Comparing PARCC and MCAS Tests

Statement can be attributed to Linda Noonan, Executive Director, Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education (MBAE)

October 30, 2015 – Today’s Fordham Institute study confirms what educators and previous research has found – the PARCC test is the high quality assessment of college and career readiness that Massachusetts needs to replace the 18-year old MCAS exam.  We hope the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, Secretary Peyser and Governor Baker give this report full consideration before the critically important vote on November 17.

This detailed comparative study shows PARCC is superior to MCAS in assessing English Language Arts/Literacy, especially with regard to writing, research, and inquiry. In math, while the study notes some areas for improvement, it also finds PARCC to be largely preferable to MCAS in measuring the knowledge and competencies most linked to college and career success. Another important finding is that PARCC is far more accessible than MCAS, particularly for students with disabilities and English language learners.

It is clear to employers, teachers and families that our students need strong standards and an assessment that matches – PARCC provides that with a cost-effective tool designed to measure what students need to know and be able to do.  It offers predictability and actionable data for educators, and local control for Massachusetts leaders.

We appreciate the Fordham Institute’s thoughtful review of Massachusetts education assessment tests. This is a valuable contribution to the discussion about our future direction on testing.

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