Bob Fraser was with MBAE at the start and he stayed with us until his death last week at 87.  He was a leader of the Massachusetts business community when he joined forces with Jack Rennie to bring the clout of employers to bear on improving the state’ public schools.  Perhaps one of his greatest contributions to MBAE was engaging Henry Dinger, who chairs our Policy Committee and is a valued Board member, in drafting the statute that became the Education Reform Act of 1993.  The law firm Bob led as Managing Partner, Goodwin Procter (now named Goodwin), continues to be a source of pro bono legal support for MBAE today.

Reading Bob’s obituary will make anyone consider themselves an underachiever because he not only was an accomplished concert pianist, respected attorney, and devoted to his family and community but he also served on the boards of numerous nonprofits.  If what he provided MBAE is an indication of his participation, those organizations reaped the same great benefits MBAE did.  Bob was an engaged leader who provided thoughtful and insightful guidance to fellow Board members and staff alike, never hesitant to pick up the phone when he had an idea or to give wise and inspiring counsel.

Since he “retired” from practicing law, Bob has served as an Emeritus member of MBAE’s Board – a category we created especially for him.  He will be missed by everyone here who was privileged to know him and work with him.  We will honor his memory by striving to finish the work he started – guaranteeing every child in the Commonwealth a high quality education that prepares them for productive citizenship in the 21st century.

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