There is ample evidence that teachers are the most important in-school factor in student learning and achievement.   One of MBAE’s key priorities is ensuring a highly effective teacher in every classroom every year for every child. We have advocated for policies in Massachusetts at the state and district levels that will achieve this goal.

So, we were delighted to join with other organizations that share our goal of redesigning recruitment, preparation, support and evaluation of teachers to make sure every child is taught by a great teacher.  The TeachStrong campaign “brings together teachers unions, teacher voice organizations, and education reform, civil rights, and education policy leaders to make modernizing and elevating the teaching profession the top education policy issue of 2016.”

Agreement on nine guiding principles may not guarantee consensus about how best to act on these values, but MBAE has always found that shared goals and a willingness to engage in respectful and constructive collaboration is the only way to move forward.  We look forward to being an active member of TeachStrong to make these goals reality in Massachusetts.

Find out more about MBAE’s agenda for world class teachers and leaders in Chapter 4 of The New Opportunity to Lead.

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