Closing the Digital Equity Gap

It is more important than ever that all students not only acquire basic technology skills, but also have a path to pursue more advanced skills through advanced computer science courses. The high demand for technology jobs provides excellent opportunities for students to enter fields that pay good wages and offer opportunities for growth.

MBAE is working to:

• Increase access to and participation in computer science education in K-12 schools

• Ensure underserved students have equal access to computer science coursework

We’re making progress. The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education acted on our recommendations voting to make computer science count towards a high school mathematics or science requirement and include computer science in the state recommended course of study—MassCore. This is important because it creates incentives for districts to offer computer science coursework.

Digital Equity Data Walk

While an important step forward, state actions are insufficient to ensure that all students, irrespective of the neighborhood they live in or school they attend, will have equal K12 computer science education opportunities. That’s why we’ve created the Digital Equity Data Walk, an interactive 45-90 minute activity featuring visual presentations of data that is raising awareness about the lack of access in underserved communities and creates urgency and demand for solutions.

For more information about the Digital Equity Data Walk and to join MBAE in our effort, contact Jackney Prioly Joseph.

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