“Educators urge state board to adopt PARCC exam”

“Educators urge state board to adopt PARCC exam”

The Lowell Sun reports that “a group of 18 leading educators have signed their names to a push to keep the PARCC option alive.”

According to the story, picked up from the State House News Service, the educators call PARCC a “superior assessment” and “are¬†continuing to fight for the state to adopt the national PARCC exam even after the Baker administration and Education Commission Mitchell Chester signaled their intent to move in a different direction.”

Boston School Superintendent Tommy Chang, Worcester Superintendent Melinda Boone and New Bedford Superintendent Pia Durkin are among the educators featured in the story.

“The educators said the PARCC exam is the best option to lower the rate of students who graduate from high school but still require remedial coursework in state and community colleges before they can begin their post-secondary education. The test, which is designed to be taken on a computer, would also “accelerate computer literacy and adoption of technology in the classroom,” they said.”

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