MBAE affiliates met with Secretary of Education Jim Peyser on Wednesday to discuss affiliate priorities and the Baker Administration’s agenda, in a discussion that focused on empowering educators to drive school improvement, increasing student exposure to growing industries while still in school, and promoting access to STEM education, especially for under-represented students. The event was co-hosted by MBAE and the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce at MathWorks in Natick.

Secretary Peyser told affiliates a greater sense of urgency is needed if Massachusetts is to accomplish the next phase of education reform and deliver on the promise of a world class education for all students.

Affiliates are concerned that students are not leaving school with the skills needed for 21st century success, and the impact that such skills shortages will have on member businesses. They also shared steps that they are taking to help address their concern. The MetroWest Chamber of Commerce partnership with the MetroWest STEM Education Network provides students and teachers to engage in STEM learning activities. The Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce works with middle and high schools to provide students with exposure to possible career paths through the School to Careers Partnership. The Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce convenes a Higher Education Leadership Council that creates collaboration between businesses and local higher education institutions.

This event is part of a series of events that convene MBAE Affiliate Network members to learn about current education and workforce development challenges, and share their experience helping solve these issues. Interested in learning more about the MBAE Affiliate Network? Click here.

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