State Policy

Acting on the recommendations of the New Opportunity to Lead, MBAE and the businesses it represents are focused on the following priorities.

EQUITABLE AND EFFECTIVE DISTRIBUTION AND USE OF FUNDING FOR EDUCATION. MBAE will meet growing calls for increased funding with proposals that ensure any new funding goes toward initiatives that have the greatest impact on improving student learning and closing achievement gaps.

PREVENTING BACKSLIDING ON SUCCESSFUL EDUCATION REFORMS. An effort is underway to roll back reforms that led Massachusetts students to first in the nation in achievement. MBAE is working to defeat any legislation that moves Massachusetts backward.

INCREASING SCHOOL LEADER AUTONOMY AND FLEXIBILITY. MBAE supports giving school leaders, particularly in low-income and struggling districts, the authority and flexibility they need to innovate and decide how to meet the needs and aspirations of their students on a daily basis. Evidence shows that schools that have the freedom to make staffing, curriculum and budgeting decisions are best positioned to improve learning.

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