“Chester recommends ‘MCAS 2.0′”

“Chester recommends ‘MCAS 2.0′”

Michael Jonas reports on MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Mitchell D. Chester’s official recommendation to the Board of ESE that Massachusetts adopt a new student assessment that would be a hybrid of MCAS and PARCC.

What remains unclear is how much of either assessment will influence the final product.

“Chester suggested last month that a new state test should draw heavily from PARCC, and he again seemed to be pushing in that direction today. Asked in a conference call with reporters how much he expected a new assessment to make use of PARCC test items, Chester said, ‘It’s hard for me to predict.’ But it’s likely to be a ‘high proportion,’ he said. ‘For all I know, it could be 95 percent PARCC, it could be 80 percent PARCC, maybe 75 percent.'”

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