MBAE collaborates with other state and national organizations and coalitions to ensure that every student in the Commonwealth has access to a high quality education.

Our Partners

Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association of Massachusetts employers that promotes the prosperity of the Commonwealth by proactively advocating fair and equitable public policy.  AIM has been involved in education reform efforts since the early 1990s and is a partner with MBAE on education issues.

The Massachusetts Business Roundtable (MBR) is a statewide public affairs organization that influences state policies to promote social and economic vitality in Massachusetts.  The MBR actively works on education issues in Massachusetts and it advocates for public policies that foster economic growth and a well-trained and productive workforce for all businesses in the Commonwealth.

The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation (MTF) is a public policy organization that deals with state and local fiscal, tax, and economic policies.  The MTF has played an instrumental role in achieving major reforms and promoting sound public policy in Massachusetts on education and a variety of other key issues facing the state.

Our Coalitions

The Policy Innovators in Education (PIE) Network is an organization founded by four leading education policy groups to build, support, and promote a network of education advocacy organizations working to improve K-12 education in their states and the nation.  All PIE Network members are nonpartisan in ideas and bipartisan in approach and all are committed to pursuing and protecting state-level policies that close achievement gaps, increase teacher effectiveness and school accountability, improve low-performing schools, and improve school funding systems, among others.  MBAE is proud to be an original member of the PIE Network.

The Coalition for a College and Career Ready America (CCCRA) is a collection of organizations that are committed to engaging with federal, state, and local policy leaders to increase U.S. K-12 student performance, raise high school graduation rates, and ensure that America’s education system prepares all students for college and the workplace.

Done Waiting is a national, bi-partisan education reform coalition focused on ensuring that every child in America has access to great schools and great teachers.  The Done Waiting Coalition is working to engage thousands of Americans to stand-up and show their elected leaders how important it is to improve the public school system.

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