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WEBINAR – What’s the Difference Between Data Literacy and Assessment Literacy?

Data literacy and assessment literacy are both critical skills for teachers. “But wait,” you may wonder, “aren’t those the same thing? What sets them apart?” To clear up the confusion, the Data Quality Campaign will host a webinar exploring these two skills.

Monday, July 21, 12:45–2:00 p.m.

DQC’s Brennan McMahon Parton, Moderator

Research Scientist Ellen Mandinach of WestEd

Founding Principal Stuart Kahl of Measured Progress

DQC’s inaugural teacher fellow, Raquel Maya Carson, will offer the perspective of a classroom teacher on data and assessment use.

Register to participate in this webinar discussion here.

Find out more with DQC data literacy resources:
Data Literacy: Its About Time and
Federal Spotlight: Helping Federal Policymakers Understand and Support Data Literacy


Since people are still watching our forums, What’s Next for the Common Core State Standards?, we are happy to continue to make the webcasts available!

These, and the forums, were made possible through the generosity of Evaluation Systems of Pearson, Fidelity Investments , Intel and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation.

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