The public education system is failing to provide its students with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to be productive, informed citizens in coming decades. The prospect of an under-educated citizenry, unable to understand or cope with issues arising in the management of the country and Commonwealth, should alarm everyone.

– Every Child a Winner, 1991 – MBAE’s Blueprint for Education Reform

Almost twenty years after this call to action, Massachusetts employers are still concerned about how our public schools prepare students to compete in a global economy. MBAE has led the business community’s support for reforms that have made Massachusetts the top state in the nation on many measures of student achievement. Yet, more work is left to be done. MBAE continues to advocate for changes at the state level to improve teaching and learning, particularly in our most challenged and disadvantaged districts.

MBAE can only represent the business community on key legislation, policy initiatives, and other developments affecting education in Massachusetts with the support of Massachusetts employers and generous individuals who fund our work through membership dues, foundation grants, and sponsorships. Please join us in our work to educate every child for success in college, career and citizenship. Grants, donations and sponsorships above $1,000 qualify the contributor for membership in MBAE.

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Contributions to MBAE are tax-deductible. MBAE is a 501(c) (3) organization.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Teacher Evaluation and Compensation
Federal economic stimulus grant programs, including the Race to the Top competition, provide states incentives to link student achievement to teacher evaluation. MBAE has convened a business task force, to bring the expertise that employers have developed in human resource management to this discussion, and to share knowledge and experience in measuring performance and link it to compensation. Our work has already begun, and can be accelerated with additional support.

School Finance in Massachusetts
As the developer of the foundation budget in 1993 to ensure equitable distribution of education funding for all students, MBAE and our business partners, have unique standing to examine the current school finance situation, assess opportunities to maximize the value of resources currently allocated, and recommend changes to help state leaders maximize the value of funds available for education. Our work also informs the public and builds taxpayer confidence in investments in education. MBAE Advisory Council members are actively planning the research and analysis that will be necessary to help understand and craft solutions to school finance challenges. This work is ready to begin as soon as funding is secured.

Know Your Schools
MBAE is committed to using data to drive school improvements and raise student achievement. From 2004 until 2009, we hosted an online resource that provided actionable data and successful practices in raising academic performance and closing achievement gaps at all grade levels. Over the past year, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey developed Know Your Schools to provide online student performance data. With the support of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, we will launch the site in June 2010 and we are seeking funds to cover annual expenses to maintain and improve this resource.

Higher Education
The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education is embarking on a bold, new Vision Project to unify the work of our twenty-four public campuses and increase public understanding of the role these colleges and universities play in our society and economy. MBAE has been asked to expand our focus beyond K-12 education and engage the business community in making Massachusetts a national leader in raising college-going rates of high school graduates and educating our citizens in key areas of workforce needs. Building the capacity to support this effort will require annual support and we are asking employers to invest in this work with commitments of any amount.

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