MBAE is committed to a quality education for every child.  We believe that the 1993 education reform compact – high standards for achievement, accountability to measure and guide progress, and equitable funding to help all students achieve – is a proven foundation for success. 

Goal 1:  All Students Will Graduate From High School Ready for College and Career Success  

  • Reform the High School Model
    • Increase instructional time and offer flexible alternatives to a four-year schedule
    • Provide access to career counseling and guidance support early, and throughout, a student’s educational experience
    • Expand dual enrollment programs for qualified high school students to experience the reality of college
  • Align High School Curriculum with the Demands of College and Career
    • Require MassCore course of study rather than recommend it as minimum graduation requirement for all Massachusetts students
    • Expand work-based and service learning opportunities that demonstrate the relevance of academics, especially to disengaged or at-risk students
  • Create a System of Partnerships to Support and Sustain Reforms
    • Increase awareness of demands students will face in college and their career, and prepare students to meet these expectations
  • Ensure Assessments Measure Relevant Skills and Content Mastery
    • Measure mastery, rather than seat time, by developing a statewide system of end-of-course exams to ensure student proficiency in both knowledge and applied skills that demonstrate college and career readiness

Goal 2:  Close the Achievement Gaps

  • Support Innovations to Make Teaching and Learning More Effective
    • Expand opportunities for Charter Schools, particularly in high need districts
  • Raise Graduation Rates Through Dropout Prevention
    • Set aggressive goals and implement proven interventions to reach these benchmarks
  • Support Initiatives with Demonstrated Potential to Raise Student Achievement
    • Early childhood education for all
    • Extended learning time for students in need
    • Accessible and affordable public higher education for all qualified high school graduates

Goal 3:  A Highly Qualified Teacher in Every Classroom 

  • Adopt Policies that Implement Systematic Changes in Standards, Supports and Accountability for Teachers and School Leaders so Every Classroom will have Highly Effective Teachers
    • Outcome based evaluation to attract, develop and retain effective teachers must feature student achievement as a key factor
    • Make tenure meaningful and difficult to obtain to raise the status of the teaching profession
  • Increase Qualified Teachers in STEM and other Critical Need Fields
    • Implement differentiated and performance-based compensation, particularly in high needs districts and disciplines

Goal 4:  An Effective Statewide Accountability System Ensuring All Schools and Districts Meet High Standards for Performance

  • Strengthen, Clarify and Improve Accountability and Link to Assistance
    • MBAE represents the business community on the Advisory Council on Accountability and Assistance and advocates for a strong system that evaluates the effectiveness of schools and districts and reports its findings to the public
  • Online Access to School Performance Data for Parents, Educators and Concerned Citizens
    • Disseminate clear, comprehensible school comparison data and research about school performance (e.g. MCAS data, charter school data, high school graduation rates, college remediation rates) and the effective practices that support quality teaching
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