MBAE was established in 1988 by concerned business leaders from across the Commonwealth, led by the late Jack Rennie, then CEO of Pacer Systems and Paul Reville, currently Massachusetts Secretary of Education.  The organization’s core work – influencing education policy to improve the quality of Massachusetts’ public schools – was driven by employer’s goal to educate every child for future success. 

Under MBAE’s leadership, the Education Reform Act of 1993 was enacted.  Based on MBAE’s comprehensive blueprint for school reform, Every Child a Winner, the Act centered on three essential components:

1) high standards for student learning;
2) accountability for performance and success; and
3) increased financial resources for equitable school funding through a progressive “foundation budget”

While MBAE celebrated the significant progress in raising student achievement over the following decade, we remained focused on persistent racial and socio-economic achievement gaps, advocating for further reforms driven by data and evidence of results.  Supported by employers, large and small, in every industry across the state, MBAE’s accomplishments are detailed in timelines appearing under What We Do.

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