Education Reform in Massachusetts is bold. It envisions “every child a winner,” with all children learning at high levels consistent with their interests and abilities. This commitment, the essence of which was first articulated by John Adams more than two hundred years ago in the Massachusetts Constitution, has never been fulfilled. Now, in the first decade of the 21st century, Massachusetts is faced with major opportunities and challenges that can move us, for the first time, toward realizing that vision.

The Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education (MBAE) has been on the job of education reform for twenty-five years. We developed the conceptual framework for the 1993 Education Reform Act. We believe our reform vision is compelling – all students can, and must, be better educated; schools must meet higher standards and be held accountable for performance. Today, school reform in Massachusetts is incomplete. We are making real progress, but there is much more to be done. The central questions we now face are: Do we have the will and the expertise to re-direct the course of reform? And will we choose to apply the financial and human resources needed to meet the challenges involved? These two questions are critical. If we falter now, our substantial reform investments over the past decade will be at risk.

MBAE continues to be the eyes, the ears, and the voice of the business community in shaping the policies and practices of public school reform. We continue to monitor and influence the implementation of reform, working with our partners in the public sector to provide the expertise and support necessary to fulfill our promises to every child. We are committed to working with business leaders, educators, policymakers and others to make reform a success. We strive persistently for thoughtful, collaborative solutions to the critical challenges of education reform.

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